I am an Upledger Institute qualified CranioSacral Therapist. I began my training in 2009 and since then have completed CranioSacral Therapy 1 & 2, SomatoEmotional Release 1 & 2, CST for Paediatrics 1 & 2, CST & the Immune Response, The Brain Speaks and an Intro to Equine. I am committed to my own continuous development and I attend training regularly in CST and other modalities. I run a clinic in north Dublin where I work with babies, children and adults.

In CST I found a very gentle, yet profoundly powerful and empowering therapy that has brought and continues to bring real change to my life and health on many levels. CST is the main therapy I use when I work with people, however I intuitively draw on all of my resources and natural healing abilities in my sessions depending on the need of the individual. I am a qualified Advanced Practitioner in Flower and Vibrational Essences and I frequently use Vibrational Essences to support my clients in their sessions and to integrate changes afterwards. I have found personally and through my clients, that including essences, shifts patterns much quicker and supports people beautifully on the spiritual, emotional and mental levels as they go through their transformations. 

I have a particular interest and affinity for helping babies to release any restrictions (physical or emotional) that may have arisen in utero or during the birthing process, as early as possible. This helps to prevent the patterns being carried into later life when they can then manifest as illness or blocks to achieving our full potential. Birth trauma can be worked with in children and adults of any age. I have taken part in multi-hands paediatric programmes and have seen first hand the positive changes that can come about not just with the child, but with the entire family dynamic in a short space of time. Regardless of the symptoms, I work with the entire being on a physical, emotional-mental and spiritual level to help remove restrictions and to bring balance so that healing can occur.

My intention is always to create a compassionate, supportive and non-judgmental space to allow whatever is ready to emerge and transform, to do so with ease, thus allowing each person to uncover their true Self and reach their highest potential. I am passionate about empowering people and believe that each person holds the key to their own health and wellbeing within themselves. CST is an excellent tool for empowering each person to uncover this and works with the concept of “The Inner Wisdom” or “The Inner Physician” of the person to do so. The client is always in charge of their process and the therapist “facilitates” by listening to and following the client’s body.

I have also trained in numerous other modalities over the past 18 years including massage, various forms of energy healing, intuitive healing, energy management, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. With over 20 years of experience in the Corporate and IT sectors, I understand the stresses and strains of every day life and the importance of taking time and space to relax and maintain balance on all levels for optimum health and wellbeing. 


Clare Troy, B.Sc., CST-T, General & Paediatriatrics